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12th May 2009 - Spoof emails
A number of reports concerning bogus emails requesting account details. These emails contain a from address of [email protected] If you receive an email like this, please ignore and delete it. Genuine UKF email will NEVER request any details from you.

Ultra-fast dial-up Internet access
UK Fantastic's 0845 dial-up service has long been the industry leader, providing solid, first-time Internet connections for home users and businesses alike. No ties, no limits pay-as-you-go dial-up internet access. Local BT charges apply.
Free email and webspace
you get unlimited email addresses with the ‘[email protected]’ domain and 20 MBs of FREE web space at the great ‘’ address
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Use the Internet when you want
Internet access on the UK's leading Internet infastructures
Free email addresses
Free web space for your site
Excellent first-time connections
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"Sorry to use such words, but bloody well done!"
Sorry to use such words, but bloody well done! The web server is absolutely amazing! It's so fast! You certainly named your service well - nothing short of fantastic. Keep up the good work. (AK)
" I’m really impressed at the speed of my connection"
I am writing this short note because I’m really impressed at the speed of my connection... I told my friend too and he was also impressed so all you guys and girls keep up the good work - on a scale of 1-10, X-Stream has 5-10, your’s has 10-10 - by far the best so far - very good - thanx! (SA)

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Welcome to Giacom
UK Fantastic is part of Giacom, a leader in the provision of high quality Internet services to 60,000 users in the UK and beyond.

You get Internet dial-up access on all major speeds of modem up to 56K, and 64 and 128k ISDN, there’s technical support, you get your own email address ‘[email protected]’ domain and 20 megabytes of FREE web space at the great ‘’ address for your business or personal web pages.


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